ØTurkey is one of the world’s top 10 medical tourism destinations.

ØTurkey has a destination that can be reached by plane from many countries in a short time.

ØAs for tehnology, private hospitals in Turkey are at the same standards as in Europe. JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited some private hospitals regarding their high quality care for patients and administration. With forty seven JCI accredited hospitals, Turkey ranks second in the world.

ØTurkey hosted approximately 29 million tourists, and obtained revenues of approximately 18 billion dollars in 2010. Health tourism industry has been growing between 6% and 12% every year.

ØThe medical operations performed in origin countries with modern methods are done in our country at affordable prices.

ØIstanbul was selected as the European Capital of Culture 2010 in 2006 along with Peç (Hungary) and Essen (Germany).

ØTurkish health institutions offers both low cost, high quality and technology standards in almost all branches such as plastic and aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation, eye surgeries, IVF, open heart surgery, skin diseases, check-ups, cancer treatments, otorhinolaryngology, dialysis and cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, dental, spa, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

ØTurkey is among the first seven countries in the world in terms of the richness and the potential of the resources in this area.

ØGeographical location and traditional tourism attractiveness (natural and historical), and climatic conditions that are not impediments to long-term journeys  

ØTurkey ranking number one in Europe and number seven in the world in terms of the richness of thermal resources

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