Bayındır Healthcare Group

Bayındır Medical Center defined as to be a great and brave enterprise in the year 1992, and later on becoming the pride and most excellent example of Turkish private hospitals have been in services with the global concept as being Bayındır Healthcare Group for 18 years now.

Bayındır Healthcare Group devoting itself to the improvement of the health standards of the people of our country has broken through many times by introducing new systems, as of its establishment. With its performance, we have the aim of carrying out many and great works within a short time.

From July 15, 1992 Bayındır HealthCare Group has withdrawn attention with the investments such as Bayındır Hospital Söğütözü Branch, Bayındır Hospital Kavaklıdere Branch, Bayındır Dental Clinics, Bayındır Medical Center and Bayındır Hospital İçerenköy Branch.

Bayındır HealthCare Group, in the 21st Century has become a institution which provides the healthcare services in a fashion that is compatible with the proud of Turkish nation, in the Western standards, and which has got the high technology medical equipment and devices, qualified and full time staff members as well as contemporary hospital management system, and it has become a institution reliable, dependent upon its principles, prestigious, and which has completed its institutionalism processes.

Our Group open to all kinds of suggestions have considered that medical researches and continual improvement of its qualified staff members are the tasks of our group. Bayındır Healthcare Group becoming the ecole among its equals have nominated the most precious healthcare professionals thereby proving the fact that it has provided the most quality services to the its patients.

Where Are We?


Merland International Medical Ltd.

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